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Bayannaoer, China's largest sunflower seed production

Source:内蒙古星屹商贸有限公司官方网站 | Time:2016/12/8 | Visits:

From Bayannaoer
In January 9th, Wang Erzhu returned to Wuyuan County from Tianjin roasted plant. Even on the day, rushing around to find a market for his face is full of fatigue.
From September 2011 to the present, the price of sunflower seeds fell all the way down.
"Now the market price of sunflower seeds is 7 yuan / kg. I first gave farmers the purchase price of nearly 8 yuan / kg, because the first two years of the market is relatively good, the fall of the first year of sunflower seeds listed on the acquisition of 75 thousand kg, and now only sell out on the already lost nearly 150 thousand yuan." Wang Erzhu on the "northern weekend newspaper" said.
Bayannaoer is the largest prefecture level city in China, with an average annual planting area of 3 million mu.
City farming and animal husbandry bureau deputy director Yuan Dewan accept the northern weekend newspaper interview, said in 2011 the city's sunflower planted 2 million 770 thousand acres, 595 million kilograms of production, accounting for 1/3 of the total output of the country.
But unlike in the past, in 2011 the city's sunflower seeds no longer someone to ask for a high price, but the locals go out to find a market, the price straight down 0.6 yuan / kg ~ 0.8 yuan / kg.
This is destined to be an extraordinary year for farmers in the city.
Wen Haifei helpless
In January 11th, this reporter visited the Fengzhen Huang Sheng brain Lou Xing Zheng Cun Xinhua Village in Wuyuan county.
High Xianhua a person at home cleaning, washing linens for the new year, her husband out of the acquisition of sunflower seed business contact.
Gao Xianhua's home has 50 acres of land. In addition to two acres of corn, and the rest of the species of sunflower. The village was the acquisition of sunflower seeds, they sell a part, but have hit IOUs, did not get a cash, and did not sell more than and 500 kilograms.
"On the outside for fear of loss is too large, and raised 10 thousand yuan put up a shed to store."
High Xianhua is a person born in Wuyuan County, her generation was not hungry, not because of rich crops. But the first two years of sunflower cultivation has made this piece of saline land on the rich.
Gao said: "in 2010, we removed the planting costs, a year of net income of 50 thousand yuan. And this year is different, this time last year, my family had to spend a lot of money to buy special purchases for the Spring Festival."
It is understood that the majority of farmers with high Xianhua suffered as sunflower seeds can not sell or sell all hit ious.
Gao said that some people even buy seeds in the spring of 2011, buy Fertilizer loans are not on the. If after the Spring Festival of sunflower seed prices still decline, spring is a problem.
Li Lin in Bayannaoer city taxi for almost 6 years, many counties at this time of the year to do his business special purchases for the Spring Festival who is also very busy, however, this year he has yet to this good season.
Temperature at sea. He did business for many years in the sunflower Ding farmers market, this year because the buyer dropped, hand backlog of 100 thousand kilograms of sunflower seeds.
"I have an average of 7.6 yuan / kg price of the purchase of sunflower seeds, and now the market price has dropped to 7.2 yuan / kg, but even if you are willing to lose money to sell, the buyer is also difficult to find." Wen Haifei told reporters.
Ding farmers market is located in Wuyuan County, is currently the largest China sunflower seed market distribution center, the price here deal to become the vane.
Due to slow-moving provinces received more than 35 bucket
Tian Wenguang is a big business Hongding often have access to the market of the south of sunflower seed. According to him: in the past one or two years, the market is not good in the south, many people do not have the money, can not be acquired. Some people even gone, just hit a IOUs, money has been sold out after also sunflower seeds."
Deputy director of agriculture and animal husbandry in Wuyuan County Bureau of industry Li Liang said: "in fact, from the beginning of last year, sunflower unmarketable has begun. In mid December last year, the amount of unmarketable sunflower seed is about 1/4. This year, more than half of the sales lag."
He believes that the contradiction between supply and demand is the main reason for sunflower seed unsalable. First, the decline in domestic consumption; second, from the national perspective, Xinjiang, northeast, Henan and other places, the planting area and yield of sunflower seeds are increasing.
Deputy director of Wuyuan County Bureau of Commerce Wang Zichun agree with Li Liang. He said, a number of provinces in the country generally harvest, sales price than the low Wuyuan county. Domestic enterprises in the implementation of centralized procurement in advance of roasted seeds and nuts to reserve materials, and this year is according to sales order procurement of raw materials, domestic leisure food although increased, but the decline in the purchasing power of residents.
Wang Zichun on the northern weekend newspaper said that last year the county exported to Europe, the Middle East market, about twenty thousand tons of sunflower seeds, currently only 8 million kilograms of exports, is expected to reach 10 million kg before the spring festival.
About 40% of farmers' income comes from sunflower.
Sunflower is almost the only economic crop in Bayannaoer city. Here the saline soil area, planting sunflower can not only effective use of idle land, and the economic benefit is high, has become one of the main sources of the economic income of farmers, farmers' income from about 40% sunflower.
At first, farmers just behind the house, side weir scattered planting sunflower, by 1976 the city's sunflower planting area of only 1.5 acres.
In 1980, the Ministry of agriculture in Bayannaoer city of Hangjinhouqi held a national sunflower spot, from the official put forward the "one hand grain, hand and money, the use of saline ground sunflower" appeal, to expand the planting area of sunflower.
In twenty-first Century, China's accession to the WTO, the seed market liberalization, Inner Mongolia took the lead in developing the edible seed industry in the introduction of promotion of sunflower hybrids, the



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